ZoomIt: A fantastic, easy-to-use Virtual Teaching Tool

This tool, called Zoomit, a free, downloadable Microsoft software product, allows you to quickly enter a drawing mode with your mouse in which you can draw on top of whatever your screen is currently showing–a picture, an infographic, a paused video, a map, etc. Most importantly, students can see this LIVE over the Google Meet/Zoom call. It’s not like the annotation tools, like on Loom, that are only meant to work when creating recordings. It works live over the virtual call!

It has been AMAZING to help students follow along with me over the shared screen mode in Google Meet and Zoom. It helps me support my Spanish communicaiton by explicitly emphasizing the visuals I’m describing with outlines and underlines and by being able to quickly add text as needed.

The tool allows you to control the size of the pen, the color (about 5 choices), and also allows you to enter a text mode in which you can type over whatever your screen is showing. Finally, it also allows you to enter a blank screen where you can quickly sketch or type something, and then instantaneously toggle back to whatever was on your screen previously.

Link to download: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysi…


  1. Umm… ¿Cómo se dice “What in the SANPPER-DOODLE-AWESOMENESS is THIS?”

    Thanks for sharing, Brett.

    This is going to help a ton.

    Love the simple, yet powerful tools to help make things engaging and comprehensible for our learners.

    Melesi mingi


    • Yep, it’s pretty awesome!!! Wish I knew about it from September! I use it pretty much constantly in class… Like almost every second. When I’m talking about something, I’m usually underlining it or putting a box aroud it, or adding some text next to it!!!


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