Complete CI Novel Catalog for All Languages

I used to have a big, long catalog of books here. However, Mike Peto and Martina Bex’s catalog is just so much better, so go check it out on their website:




Other formats than books:

  1. Martina Bex Literal is a free monthly literary magazine she just started in November of 2017 that publishes student submitted work and literary criticism. It is beautifully edited and VERY COOL!!!
  2. Reading A to Z has hundreds of levelled readers at beginning levels. Expensive subscription needed, like $100/year. And many of the books are infantile or a bit dry. But it is another option.
  3. Epic Reads- a free website has 30-40 books in Spanish, although most are meant for young native readers, so the themes are infantile.

Where to buy:

There are two major websites: TPRS Books and TPRS Publishing / Fluency Matters. Almost all of the books not found on those sites can be purchased from Amazon. If you can’t find a title any of those three locations, just search the book and author. Some of the independent authors have small sites on their blogs.

EUROPEAN SHOPPERS: You can save on shipping from buying from this website based in the EU: