Complete Novel Catalog for All Languages

Mike Peto and Martina Bex’s catalog of all the leveled novels is an amazing resource, so go check it out on their website:

However, over the years at my public school, there’s been many times when certain vendors weren’t permitted depending on the funding source. For example, the last batch of funding I got prohibited me to purchase from Amazon. I have no idea why. The point is that it prompted me to look into alternative sources for books, not just the primary source listed in Mike’s and Martina’s lists, and it’s been very helpful for me. So, you can see the Spanish one I’m maintaining below.

Spanish Catalog with secondary sources (Updated June 1 2020)

Other formats than books:

  1. Martina Bex Literal is a free monthly literary magazine she just started in November of 2017 that publishes student submitted work and literary criticism. It is beautifully edited and VERY COOL!!!
  2. Reading A to Z has hundreds of leveled readers at beginning levels. Expensive subscription needed, like $100/year. And many of the books are infantile or a bit dry. But it is another option.
  3. Epic Reads- a free website has 30-40 books in Spanish, although most are meant for young native readers, so the themes are infantile. I refuse to have students read on their computers because it’s just so much harder to manage what they’re doing, but for the teacher who wants to go down that road, Epic Reads would be another option.