Virtual Teaching Instructional Video Series

Howdy everyone!

I’m back to school now, and 3 weeks in! It’s been an amazing 3 weeks full of hypercharged learning as I’ve adapted to teaching virtually. We currently are teaching over Google Meet in 100% distanced learning-so all students are at home on chromebooks.

To my pleasant surprise, I think I’ve been able to adapt instruction really successfully, mainly due to the powerful engagement platform, Desmos. By finageling Desmos (traditionally used for math class), I can ask my students questions live, see their answers being typed live (LITERALLY LETTER BY LETTER), check for comprehension, check for engagement, and invite student voice and choice. It’s been a wonderful learning experience.

I hope the following videos are useful to you:

Part 1: Setting up my virtual teaching station—the physical space

Part 2: How I engage with students and deliver instruction over the computer

Part 3 (in development): a sample class to see what it all looks like with actual students.

Happy teaching!

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