Library Fundraising Letter

Below is a letter I send home to parents every September to raise funds for adding to my library! Of course, it will depend on your school, but for my setting it’s been by far the best way to raise money–way better than asking for department funds (which is also good) or petitioning admin for extra money, or writing grants. At my school, we’ve deposited the funds into the Spanish Club account, and then made acquisitions from that account. But you could also do it through your department account, I would imagine.

Feel free to use or adapt!

Good luck!


Hello Parents!

I am excited to tell you that all my Spanish classes will read many novels in Spanish class this year! There is a lot of research that suggests learning a second language is very similar to learning a first language. We all know how important reading is in developing literacy in your native language. It turns out that it is equally important in second language development!

I have researched and discovered many new and exciting books in the past year that I am sure my students will love. Unfortunately, the World Language Department has only enough money for basic classroom supplies like dry erase markers and stickie notes. So, I’m putting the call out to my wonderful parents to help us build our Spanish library! Each book is about $6.00 and class sets for my size classes would be about $125. Any donation level, small or large, would be absolutely awesome!

If you are interested in helping, please write a check out to Clover Hill High School and send it into class with your child.

All the Best,

Brett Chonko

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