Invisibles Archive


I wrote HERE about how amazing I think Ben Slavic’s storytelling technique called Invisibles is.

Building on that article, I thought it would be worthwhile to create an archive of Invisibles stories for people to view and use in their classrooms as models for your own Invisibles exploration, or for Storylistening or for Free Choice Reading.

By the way, for folks interested in building their own FCR library with class story style, FREE, easy-for-level-one-kids-to-read material, you have got to check out Mike Peto’s Great FVR Cartoon Library project.

So, if you would like to contribute any of your own to this archive, please contact me via the “contact us” page. It’s best if you also send me any artwork that goes along with the stories.

Any language, any level is welcome. I myself will provide a bunch of Spanish examples, but I’d love to build out examples in other languages. Please specify level if you email me.

Make sure to specify any copyright qualifications you would like to impose. If none are specified, it will be assumed that you have no copyright claim. It is up to each user to respect the copyright of the works below when used in your own purposes.


Spanish 1:



Frank the Flower (from Brett Chonko)




Howard 1


Howard El Extraterrestre (from Brett Chonko)



the whalest loser


Big Bertha La Ballena (from Brett Chonko)


Danny the Dollar


Danny El Dolar (from Brett Chonko)


Spanish 2:

Chuck 1


Chuck the Chocolate Ice Cream Cone (from Brett Chonko)



Dot the Blank Emoji 1


Dot the Blank Emoji (from Brett Chonko)


Teddy Da TP 1


Teddy Da TP (from Brett Chonko)



Bob the BobFish 1


Bob the Blob Fish (from Brett Chonko)




Brittany El Unicuerno (from Brett Chonko)


Cleavland The Stinky Shoe 1


Cleavland the Stinky Shoe (from Brett Chonko)



Charlie the Trashcan


Charlie the Trashcan (from Brett Chonko)