Invisibles Archive

Teaching with Comprehensible Input has many different flavors and styles. One of the most engaging conversation formats for my students has been co-creating stories. Even co-creating stories has many different styles–the two main styles being TPRS targeted stories a la Blaine Ray and Invisibles style stories a la Ben Slavic/Tina Hargaden.

I prefer the Invisibles style of co-creating stories and have integrated into my teaching practice at all levels to account for about 25% of my curriculum. I wrote HERE about how I have adapted this style of story creation.

Building on that article, I thought it would be worthwhile to create an archive of Invisibles stories for people to view and use in their classrooms as models for your own Invisibles exploration, or for Storylistening or for Free Choice Reading.

By the way, for folks interested in building their own FCR library with class story style, FREE, easy-for-level-one-kids-to-read material, you have got to check out Mike Peto’s Great FVR Cartoon Library project. Mike is interested in collecting more and more contributions, so if you would like to contribute any of your own to his archive, just contact him.

Of course, every student creation is automatically copyrighted even without explicitly stating a copyright, so don’t run about selling these. You don’t own them!


Cuentos de Chonko 2016-17 (click to open)

cuentos de chonko 16-17


Cuentos de Chonko 2017-18 (click to open)

cuentos de chonko 17-18