Mike Peto and Martina Bex are currently building a comprehensive catalog for all known language learner literature (books designed specially for beginner language learners by constraining vocabulary, scaffolding with non-textual techniques, relying on cognates, etc…).

It is an EXCEPTIONAL resource and includes lots of details like where exactly to purchase, cost, teacher’s resources, even the plot setting, etc. And it lists books in all languages currently available, not just Spanish.

So go check it out by clicking here. 

Not all books are created equal, though. If you’re starting a library from scratch, you’ll want to prioritize the best books out there first. Click here to see my all-time-favorites at each level.

Other formats than books to add to your library:

  1. Martina Bex Literal is a free monthly literary magazine she just started in November of 2017 that publishes student submitted work and literary criticism. It is beautifully edited and VERY COOL!!!
  2. Reading A to Z has hundreds of levelled readers at beginning levels. Expensive subscription needed, like $100/year. And many of the books are infantile or a bit dry. But it is another option.
  3. Epic Reads- a free website has 30-40 books in Spanish, although most are meant for young native readers, so the themes are infantile.
  4. Other teachers’ classroom fiction (like mine!!!!)

Where to buy:

There are three major websites: Fluency Matters, TPRS Books, and Command Performance Books.

Almost all of the books not found on those sites can be purchased from Amazon. This link takes you to a Wish List that attempts to keep up-to-date on all the language learner literature sold on Amazon. It is also an AMAZING resource. If you can’t find a title any of those three locations, just search the book and author. Some of the independent authors have small sites on their blogs.

EUROPEAN SHOPPERS: You can save on shipping from buying from this website based in the EU:

Book Trailers:

  1. Los Sobrevivientes by Bryan Kandel:
  2. Superburguesas by Mike Peto:
  3. Noches Misteriosas En Granada by Kristy Placido:
  4. La Isla Más Peligrosa by John Sifert:
  5. La clase de Confesiones by A.C. Quintero: