Videos of CI Teaching

The best way to learn about proficiency-based instructional methods is to go to a conference and either watch a master teacher teach students or be a student yourself in a new language like Korean or Cherokee and feel the power yourself. Second-best, watch videos of teachers killin’ it in their classrooms!

Always remember, you are not Tina Hargaden, or Mike Peto, or Annabelle Allen. You are YOU.  Don’t try to be them. Through trial and error, your own teaching voice will emerge. Just have the courage to try. Every class can be an experiment. Every period can be a step forward. You can do this! And the first step is the hardest. Just give it a go and expect to take some hits on the chin as you learn.

If you have other video resources you like, please let me know via the “contact us” page.

Tina Hargaden  (French and Spanish)
Cameron Taylor (Spanish)
Brett Chonko (That’s me!!!) (Spanish)
Grant Boulanger (Spanish)
Kathrin Shechtman (German)
Alina Filipescu (Spanish)
Alice Ayel (French)
Ben Slavic (French)
Pablo Roman (Spanish)
Scotty Jimenez (Spanish)
Jason Fritze Elementary Lesson (Spanish)
Jason Fritze Advanced Lesson (Spanish)
Sarah Breckley (Spanish)

…more to come, I hope!