The Class Yearbook: The Power of “Write and Discuss”

I write constantly here on my blog and on my YouTube video descriptions about the importance of the “Write and Discuss” technique. This is the part of class where the teacher writes a textual summary of the preceding oral conversation by soliciting student answers. It is essential in non-targeted CI because it’s the primary source of reading material.   If you want to read more about the “write and discuss” click on the “write and discuss” category on the right hand navigation pane.

This year, I have decided to try to create what Tina hargarden calls the class yearbook. This is a compilation of all the class’s daily “write and discuss” textual summaries over the course of the year. I already had the texts written up digitally, so why not try it out?

To that end, I’ve hired a “digital content editor” recently in each class to go back and add images from google to each non-fiction text about the class and its students. In the future, I’ll hire this person in September and print off the yearbook contributions page by page as they are created. I have also created a gmail account for each of my classes. The digital editor is responsible for soliciting  students  who were featured in class to email them pertinent photos for the digital editor to add to the Yearbook.

Listen, I haven’t perfected “Write and Discuss” yet. I think sometimes the summaries are too long for the level. Sometimes, they’re too short. Particularly early in the year and in my upper level classes for some reason, I haven’t been consistent enough with doing a “Write and Discuss” every day. All things I hope to improve upon for next year. But it’s worth sharing for sure because I think the Yearbooks can be great reading material to add to your classroom library.

Here are all my yearbooks from 2017-18:

Sp 1:

Sp 2:

Sp. 3:


One important logistical note: I used to place all the new daily summaries at the top of the document so when students opened the doc, the most recent text was at the top. This doesn’t work for creating the yearbook because every time you add a text to the top, it changes the spacing and layout of all the subsequent pages. Layout matters in making the yearbook, so I’ve reoriented the order to place the new stuff at the bottom of the doc.





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