NEW VIDEO: Question of the Day in Sp. 1


In this video, the class talks about their favorite desserts for awhile and then there is a brief “Write and Discuss” at the end of class. The “write and discuss” was too short today. Ideally it should take between 10 and 15 minutes of writing and reviewing. I frequently struggle to cut off the conversation with enough time to do the textual review, which is something I really need to work on. The textual review is really what drives their writing abilities forward.

Comprehensible Input has tons of conversation formats: Special Person Interviews, Picture Talks, Movie Talks, Calendar Talks, Story Listening, Story Creation, etc…. A frequent format for conversation that I like to use is a Question of the Day related to whatever vocabulary we’re working with. The point is to get a variety of perspectives on a topic, or perhaps even get a statistical representation for the entire class’s experience with a question. As always, it’s just a way to engage the students and get them to voice their interests so as to drive the target language exposure forward. I like to say that I am the students’ microphone. My role isn’t to blabber away for hours, but to voice their thoughts, interests, and opinions in the TL.

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