NEW VIDEO: Show And Tell Sp. 3


In this video, I facilitate a conversation about my wife’s cake that she decorated for a regional competition last month.

In the end, we do a “Write and Discuss” on the board where they review the highlights of the conversation and I write it. This is Sp. 3, so I will embellish the text quite a bit during my planning, and on Wednesday we will read it together. Then, I’ll probably ask some personalized questions to the class. Usually, that would be it and we’d move on, but this class had more questions about the cake and wanted to talk more. So, we’ll do more conversation creation on Wednesday and another “Write and Discuss.”

It would be particularly interesting to compare this video to the “Show and Tell” video I posted earlier today from my Sp. 1 class to see what the same conversation content looks like at different levels. Obviously, the sp. 3 conversation happened at a much faster processing speed, with a much greater breadth of vocabulary and grammar.

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