NEW VIDEO: Vocab Review of Free Choice Reading


In this video, I’m doing a feel-good wrap-up to a reading session. I’ve petitioned students to define in Spanish and English all the words they learned for the first time that day in 2 minutes. It’s a competition between my classes. Today, that block shared 52 words and filled up every second of the 2 minutes. They could have kept on going and really only about 5 or 6 students out of the 22 in class were participating.


I’ve written extensively about my Free Choice Reading Program at the link below, which also includes a pretty comprehensive catalog of books in Spanish for Spanish learners to build your library with.

And here are links to a series of essays on my reading program and the data it’s provided in my first year collecting reading records:


It cannot be stated strongly enough!!! Study after study has demonstrated that pleasure reading is the source of the vast majority of vocabulary and grammar development in any language, L1 or L2. It is such a blast to see them rip off all of these new words! Get your kids reading, teachers!!!

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