NEW VIDEO: Show And Tell with my wife’s awesome Dragon-Castle Cake Sp. 1


This video includes an oral conversation and then a short (too short) textual review. Class was short today so we’re going to continue the conversation tomorrow. The content is a conversation format I call “Show and Tell.” It’s just like Picture Talk, but the source of interest was actually in the room. It is my wife’s competition cake from last month! (She won 1st Place!!!)

This conversation was refreshingly energetic for a Monday morning at 8 am. Usually I have to work really hard to get them energized because our school district starts so early.

There is a lot of interpersonal communication going on, which I love!!!!! The more spontaneous communication, the more practice they get circumlocuting and the more I know the conversation is about what they want it to be about.

A few times, students broke into English. But that’s where Ben’s Classroom Rules come into play. I love not having to speak to redirect the class. Not speaking to them means they can’t backtalk!

I do this type of class pretty much every day: oral conversation about interesting topic, textual summary, reading practice, extension activities. (Tuesday we’re going to read the text again and then continue the conversation. Wednesday we’ll do more reading and then extension activities.)



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