Comprehensible RVA on YouTube by Brett

This year I’ve started taking video from my 1st block Spanish 1 class in an effort to provide more learning opportunities for other aspiring CI teachers.

Here’s the latest videos:


It’s myself leading the class through an Invisibles style story creation of a Panini. The second video is the video retell after we’d finished and processed the reading. It was a pretty great time! And for only the 7th week of Spanish, I think the level of input they were able to comprehend is pretty good.

Here’s the text of the story:




In my learning process, watching Tina Hargaden on YouTube (CI Liftoff) has been invaluable–the closest thing to actually sitting in on class or a language lab at a conference.

A few notes:

  • I don’t claim to be awesome. I just claim to be CI. If you want awesome, go check out  folks like Tina, Grant Boulanger, Annabelle Allen, among many others.
  • I don’t edit the videos. Frankly, I don’t even watch them most of the time. I just upload them so that hopefully others can learn more about one take on delivering CI instruction
  • My Spanish is only okay. So sorry. I cringe at times when I listen to my accent and the errors that pop into my speech. I’m working hard to improve, I promise!



Hope this helps!


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