Back to School!!! As seen on YouTube (by Brett)

Howdy everybody! I hope your start to the year has been awesome!!!

So, I’m going to film one of my Spanish 1 classes a bunch this year. I’d like to say every day, but then again. We’ll see.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not editing these (who has the time). So there’s going to be whole sections of video sometimes that are worthless. And sometimes I won’t be on screen. But I think it’s still worth it.

I’m not doing this to claim that I’m awesome or anything. I just think there are precious few teaching videos out there of non-targeted CI (especially the kind of expansive non-targeted that Tina Hargaden gets into and that I’m going for) for folks to check out if they are interested. I only know of Tina (who has a BEAUCOUP of videos), Sr. Mississippi who has a few, and Mike Peto who has a few.


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