2016-2017 Results Part 3, Spanish 3 Honors by Brett

I’ve previously written up my reflection of Sp1 and Sp2 with some student samples. I explain what I did throughout the year there, so go check those blogs out first.

These Sp3 students were honors kids, very motivated, very attentive in class, a mix of 9th through 12th grade.

—A note on the downside of honors classes: Interestingly, I found that this one class of honors I had was miles and miles behind my mixed classes in creativity, self-confidence, and risk-taking. Unfortunately, their more “rigorous” coursework had beaten the creativity out of them in a lot of ways, and they were terrified to be judged. Getting actors was like pulling teeth. The whole year, I only had 3 of 30 students come up front to act. God bless those three young men for helping me out!!!


So, I’m just going to post some of the best writing samples from the end of year writing sample. They were asked to make up their own story of four paragraphs for a total of 200 words. They had to choose from three or four completely new characters for their story and invent a story individually/independently, which is substantially harder than merely rewriting a story that had been practiced a bunch from class. So, this actually represents less language control than they can produce on class story rewrites.


Sample 1:

sample 3.2asample 3.2b



Sample 2:

sample 3.3asample 3.3bsample 3.3c



Sample 3:

sample 3.4asample 3.4bsample 3.4c

it gets cut off…



Sample 4:

sample 3.5asample 3.5b

sample 3.5c


Love it!!!

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