2016-17 Results Part 2, Spanish 2 by Brett

I wrote here about my Spanish 1 results and kind of unpack what I did this year. So go check that article out first.

Overall, I’m very happy with how things went with Sp2 this year, despite my inexperience and blundering.  I jumped in head-first in the spirit of figuring CI out day-by-day through trial and error, which is exactly what it was. Then, I had hip surgery over XMAS break and didn’t return/wasn’t able to deliver CI for about 6 weeks. Nevertheless, the students learned a TON based on these writing samples, and I can’t wait to get into class in September to see how much better everything can go with a year under my belt and a good understanding of OWI’s and the Invisibles.

So here’s a bunch of the best writing examples from the end of the year. It’s important to note that they were required to create a story on the spot, having never seen the character given to them as a prompt. They were asked to write 3 paragraphs to total 150 words. Note that to create a new story independently is SUBSTANTIALLY more difficult than rewriting a co-created and practiced story from class. So, these writing samples actually reflect less language accuracy than their story rewrites from the year but WAY MORE CREATIVITY!!!


Sample 1:

sample 2.1asample 2.1b


Sample 2:

sample 2.2a

sample 2.2b


Sample 3:

sample 2.3asample 2.3b



Sample 4:

sample 2.4asample 2.4b



Sample 5:

sample 2.5asample 2.5b




Sample 6:

sample 2.6asample 2.6b



Really cool, right??? I love the Invisibles! Fun for everyone!!!

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